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BENEKE FINANCIAL GROUP is a Financing group whose ONLY BUSINESS is to bring Alternative Loan access to students. The company has developed non-traditional financing for schools, which have heretofore, been almost totally reliant upon federal, state and contract funding.

The principals of the company have a combined experience IN FIELD of over 25 years. The Company is an extension of the changing environment of the Lenders, Guarantee Agencies, Secondary Markets, State Agencies and the Department of Education. Specific programs have been developed and ARE FUNCTIONING to meet the needs of schools with short and long programs.

BENEKE FINANCIAL GROUP also has the capacity to mold an Alternative Student Loan Program to meet the needs and requirements of the different types of schools of the Education Industry, i.e. sale of existing paper carried by the school as well as JTPA, VA contracts, etc. Please see Menu of Lenders.

The financial condition of the school is not necessarily a qualifying factor with all programs currently being offered. The school does not have to have accreditation or be using Federal and State funding to be approved by BENEKE FINANCIAL GROUP lenders.

Programs exist to meet the needs of ALL students.